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Account Information

I don't have an account

How do I register an AliExpress account?

By following the instructions below, you can initiate your free membership at Top Speed Rc World

1. Click "Join Free" in the top-Left corner of any Top Speed Rc World page;

2. Enter your business email;


3. Enter password, Confirm your password and select your Country;


4. Click 'Create My Account'.

To register an Top Spped Rc World account, Click Here

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I already have an account

What do I do if I forget my password?

1. On sign in page, please click ‘Forgot password’

2. Enter your email, and click ‘Send Email’. An email will be sent to you. Please follow the instructions in the email to set your new password

To retrieve your password  Click Here

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How do I reset my password?

1. Sign in to 'My TOP SPEED RC WORLD'


2. Click 'My Account', and then click ‘Account Settings’

3. Put your old password, And Enter your new password 2 times. Click"Save". Then can work.

To reset your password: Click Here

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